Horn Calypso Sewing Cabinet

Fitted with our Maxi-lifter opening (type 1952) which is capable of taking virtually all domestic sewing machines on the market old or new!

Maxi air-lift mechanism means a quick push down moves your machine from storage to flatbed to free-arm positions.

An extra deep drawer, handy shelf, and a recessed table top accessories organiser adds even more storage.

Door storage bins are recessed under the lid by means of a specially constructed angled door system this allows your fabric to drape down without catching or disturbing the door bin contents, whilst giving un rivalled support to the work surface.

Stores both a sewing machine and an overlocker, or maybe a second smaller portable, workshop machine.

Hides both your machines away in a beautiful cabinet that is lockable with a key. No one would ever know.

One acrylic flatbed inset plate cut to fit your sewing machine is included with this model.

Attractive soft formed edging finish to the tops.

Arrives fully assembled.