Brother S-7180A-813P

Single Needle Direct Drive Straight Lock Stitcher (Medium-Weight Materials) with Thread Trimmer, Electric Feeding System, and Presser Foot Lifter
With direct drive motor, electric presser foot lifter and stitch length, thismacine offers beautiful sewing quality and high productivity.

Stitch Length Control on Operation Panel
It is possible to set the stitch length as a numerical value with this panel which has Easy-to-Understand key layout, and display. It help to improve productivity.

Short remaining thread (3.5mm) doesn’t require after-cutting process
The double action thread trimming mechanism cuts the thread right under the needle hole, realising the short remaining thread at a minimum of 3.5mm. In adition, using the beautiful mode to enhance the beautiful sewing end.

Electric Presser Foot Lifter.
It increases productivity and it reduces the sound compared with mechanical pressure.

Sealed Oil Tank Equipped
The sealed tank is equipped same as Brother S-7250A.

Easy reverse sewing operation with hand switch
Useful functions are asily carried out with the 2 hand switches. You can assign the function to each switch with various combinations, and it enables your operator to use the machine efficiently.

LED ight Equipped as Standard
Handy LED lights are equipped at the both side of the needle as a standard for better operation, and it prevents shadows on the garment.

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