Jack A4H D

Speaking Computerized Heavy Weight Lockstitch Machine

Innovative automatic 1-needle lockstitch machine equipped with an integrated energy-saving motor mounted in the head, directly on the main shaft of the machine (DIRECT DRIVE system), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption.


Automatic functions

  • thread trimmer
  • needle positioning
  • auto bartacking option
  • sewing parameters programming
  • auto presser foot lifter


Bottom feed transport. Designed for sewing light and medium materials (A4 version) and heavy (version A4-H). The modern design of the JACK lockstitch A4 machine provides better ventilation of the engine, what enable faster and more efficient working, as well as a longer machine life. The improved construction of the transport system and pressure a fabric, ensures the increase of the fabric thickness range.


Technical parameters

  • sewing speed: up to 5000 stitches / min
  • stitch length: up to 5 mm (up to 7 mm for A4-7 and A4-7H)
  • presser foot lift: 5-13 mm
  • central lubrication
  • needle system: DBx1 (A4 and A4-7), DPx5 (A4-H and A4-7H)
  • two additional function buttons located next to the needle bar
  • USB port for copying data from the machine and connecting external devices

Technical Specifications

7 5-13 3500 2 7 5-133500

Model Jack A4 Jack A4-H Jack A4-7 Jack A4-7H
Needles DBX1 11-18# DPX5 18-21# DBX1 11-18# DPX5 18-21#
Number of threads 2
Stitch length (mm) 5 7
Presser foot lift (mm) 5-13
Sewing speed: stitches / min 5000 3500

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