Jack A5

Thread Cleanness Computerized Lockstitch

1-needle automatic lockstitch machine with bottom feed and energy-saving motor built into the head (Direct Drive), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and less electricity consumption. The machine has a built-in operating panel with voice information in 8 languages, including Polish.


Automatic functions

  • auto thread trimming
  • needle positioning
  • auto bartacking option
  • auto presser foot lifter

To increase the comfort of work, the JACK A5 lockstitch machine is equipped with LED backlight working field, with the ability to adjust the light intensity. In addition, the USB socket allows you to connect external devices (the ability to charge your mobile phone). Closed lubrication system (no typical oil pan). A small amount of oil is in a closed tank to protect it against dirt. This solution guarantees less oil consumption and better lubrication of the machine mechanisms. Compared to the A4S model, the new Jack A5 lockstitch machine has an improved thread cutting system, reducing the length of the thread after cutting to 3.5 mm.


Technical parameters

  • sewing speed: up to 5000 stitches / min
  • stitch length: up to 5 mm
  • presser foot lift: 5-13 mm
  • needle system: DBx1
  • two additional function buttons located next to the needle bar
  • USB port for ripping data from the machine and connecting external devices


Technical Specification

Model Jack A5
Needles DBX1 11-18#
Number of threads 2
Stitch length (mm) 5
Presser foot lift (mm) 5-13
Sewing speed: stitches / min 5000

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