Jack A5E

Large Space Computerized Lockstitch Machine

MORE SPACE (305 mm X 130 mm).
Big operation space, feeding easily, even down jacket, cotton-padded jacket and small template program can be sewn smoothly.

Variable Stitches, Fashionable And Beautiful.
Different sewing stitch is available based on different clothes requirements. And editable pattern enables more fashionable and beautiful stitches.

No Oil No Trouble, Clean And Durable.
Sealed oil pan, avoid dust entering, perfect lubrication, clean and durable.

Beautiful Stitches, Short Remaining Thread.
End sewing remaining thread is within 3.5 mm, and the automatic condense stitch function can avoid loosing stitches.

High precision stitcH.
Stitch length can reach 0.1mm controlled by stepping motor and can also be locked to avoid errors caused by mis-operation..

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