Jack F4-HL-7

Power Saving Non Trim Heavy Weight lockstitch Machine

1-needle lockstitch machine for sewing light and medium materials (also available sub-class H for heavy sewing). Equipped with an energy-saving motor mounted in the head (Direct Drive), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption. JACK Lockstitch F4 is equipped also in simple to use control panel for speed control, needle positioning and quick return to factory settings. Equipped with built-in LED lamp with choice of light intensity level.


Technical parameters

  • Max Sewing speed: 5000 stitches/min
  • Max Stitch Lenght: 5 mm
  • Max Presser Foot Lift: 5 mm by Hand, 13 mm by Foot Pedal (electronic)

Technical Specification

Model Jack F4-HL-7
Needles DPX5 18-21#
Number of threads 2
Stitch length (mm) 7
Presser foot lift (mm) 5-13
Sewing speed: stitches / min 3500

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